The Internet Mom is going BAREFOOT!


As part of my doula course I have to spend 30 minutes to one hour each day for one week taking a walk and writing about how it makes me feel in all facets.  Since moving to Jacksonville, NC I haven’t been getting very close with nature.  I moved from Boone and it was just so easy there…just walk out of your back door and climb a mountain!  Alas, the winters sucked and you were then snow quarantined in your home for days to weeks at a time.  As much as I miss the mountains, I don’t miss cold winters and being snowed in.  Today though, I realized how much I missed nature.  My husband showed me a nature trail that is only a few miles from our home and I decided this morning was a good morning to go for a barefoot walk on the trail.

It was amazing.  I missed nature so much, and I’m now realizing that I don’t want to do this whole walk thing only for a week…but all the time.  I miss just being surrounded by the sights and sounds.

Some highlights of this morning’s trip…
* Sitting on the trail sucking the nectar from honeysuckle flowers.
* Staring up at the sun shining through the trees.
* That moment that your feet start hurting from being barefoot so you walk more quickly to try and find a patch of pine straw, grass, or even cold dirt to stand in.
* Hearing noises and looking over to see tiny lizards running through the fallen leaves.
* Looking down to notice not only one, but two, spiders crawling close to my foot.  Had this been in my house I would have freaked, but being out in nature it just seemed more “whatever” and I just kept walking. 

All in all, it was good times.
It was also a time for me to start going barefoot more often again.  When I lived in Charlotte and Asheville going barefoot was something I did on the regular.  Somehow over time I just…stopped.  Which is terrible because seriously, shoes are so bad for your feet.

I’ll probably make a post about that soon, because it’s a big deal I think 🙂 


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