About Me

Last night as I laid in bed with rags tied in my hair (to curl it) as I had seen on a YouTube video, olive oil smeared on my face per some article I read years ago that a mom posted on her Facebook, in our family bed breastfeeding my cloth diapered little boy it hit me…I’m an internet mom.  I’m the mom that spends a month on a google-quest after hearing about the potential benefits and alternative uses of coconut oil, who goes to her mom friends before her doctor, and who researches every big decision she makes for her family and lots of the little ones too.  I’m the mom who laughs at memes and reposts them so others can get in a few chuckles themselves.  I have a Facebook, a Twitter, and of course…the newest one…a pinterest account.  I am that mom, and if you find yourself here…you may be that mom too.  I’m part of the movement that is “The Internet Mom,” which tends to be a collection of us mothers who are a little more natural minded, follow attachment parenting, etc.  Many of us are lactivists, many are intactivists, homebirthers, and everything in between.  We are the new mom, we are the future of mothering.  I hope to get to know some more internet moms through starting this blog.  We mamas need to stick together, even if only over a computer screen!


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