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Should I come back from hiatus?

Well I came back to check my blog only to realize I had a bunch of comments to approve!  Great!

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating.  I don’t have internet at home and things in my life have just been so crazy and busy…but amazing!  I’m vowing to myself to update this blog from now on at least once per week!
Hold me to it guys, accountability!


Dehydrator Fun, Part Deux


I haven’t made my raw food crackers yet, but I did make something tasty.
NOM NOM NOM…dried kiwi!

Some other tasty edibles I’ve made so far are beet chips (which I’m actually pulverizing to make beet powder to dye things PINK!), kale chips, apple fruit leather, and powdered beet leaves.

I’m mixing the beet leaves with dehydrated (and then powdered) onions, garlic, beet, carrot tops, green peppers, and possibly a chipotle pepper (and of course a little celtic salt) to make my own spice blend 🙂 

“Like” me on Facebook!

Of course someone called “The Internet Mom” would be on Facebook!
With how many views I’ve gotten recently I figured maybe you guys would like to head over there and “like” me so if you do… 

Dehydrator Fun

I’ve been very lucky to be able to have access to a dehydrator thanks to the owner of the market that I work at.  I’ve been making zucchini chips, apple chips, and anything else I could think of.  Today or tomorrow though, I’m going to be delving into new territory…I’m attempting raw food crackers.

Keep an eye out for an update on the shenanigans and whether or not I think you should try it too! 

Friday Funnies!


This week’s “Blog to Follow”

Starting this week Fridays will be a day to suggest blogs or pages or whatever that you should follow.  “Following Friday” 🙂

This week’s blog is a new one started by my friend Ashley.  She’s planning a UC (unassisted childbirth): 

Feet and Boobs, love ’em both

Okay folks, I know I already updated, but I wanted to take a second to link to two blog posts that were recently brought to my attention from the Society of Barefoot Living group on Facebook.  Love.