“Extended Nursing” isn’t weird.

So with the new cover that is coming out for TIME magazine, people are in a ridiculous uproar.  How dare a child be nursed that long?  Guess what folks, despite comments it’s NOT child abuse and no person from CPS is going to go kicking down a door to save a child from the “abuse” of great nutrition!

Did you know that the average age of weaning in the world is 4-7 years.  That’s right, not 6 months or a year, hell not even TWO years.  Four. To. Seven.  And if you have your panties in a twist over this whole thing, please tell me…how does it affect you?  How does an older child breastfeeding affect your daily life?  Exactly.  It’s normal.

Breastfeeding in all facets is normal…



Adorable (lol)


Normal (even for some famous folks)





Normal (and hilarious)


Okay…maybe this one isn’t as normal…but who am I to judge?

(if any of these pictures belong to people here, let me know!  I found them on google.)


A Sad Day

I’m very disappointed in the majority vote in my state to pass Amendment 1 that states that marriage is between one man and one woman.  Many don’t realize the implications as it doesn’t only effect the LGBTQ community, in fact since they already were unrecognized in NC it doesn’t effect them any more than it already did, but now it effects other situations.  Such as common law marriage and civil unions between heterosexual couples.

I have more to say, but honestly I’m still in too emotional of a state about it to post about it without things such as name calling and cursing.  Once I’ve calmed down not only will I post more in depth, I’ll also be working with posting about opportunities to work on having this REPEALED!

The Internet Mom is going BAREFOOT!


As part of my doula course I have to spend 30 minutes to one hour each day for one week taking a walk and writing about how it makes me feel in all facets.  Since moving to Jacksonville, NC I haven’t been getting very close with nature.  I moved from Boone and it was just so easy there…just walk out of your back door and climb a mountain!  Alas, the winters sucked and you were then snow quarantined in your home for days to weeks at a time.  As much as I miss the mountains, I don’t miss cold winters and being snowed in.  Today though, I realized how much I missed nature.  My husband showed me a nature trail that is only a few miles from our home and I decided this morning was a good morning to go for a barefoot walk on the trail.

It was amazing.  I missed nature so much, and I’m now realizing that I don’t want to do this whole walk thing only for a week…but all the time.  I miss just being surrounded by the sights and sounds.

Some highlights of this morning’s trip…
* Sitting on the trail sucking the nectar from honeysuckle flowers.
* Staring up at the sun shining through the trees.
* That moment that your feet start hurting from being barefoot so you walk more quickly to try and find a patch of pine straw, grass, or even cold dirt to stand in.
* Hearing noises and looking over to see tiny lizards running through the fallen leaves.
* Looking down to notice not only one, but two, spiders crawling close to my foot.  Had this been in my house I would have freaked, but being out in nature it just seemed more “whatever” and I just kept walking. 

All in all, it was good times.
It was also a time for me to start going barefoot more often again.  When I lived in Charlotte and Asheville going barefoot was something I did on the regular.  Somehow over time I just…stopped.  Which is terrible because seriously, shoes are so bad for your feet.

I’ll probably make a post about that soon, because it’s a big deal I think 🙂 

Use plastic bags as fabric!

Via life123.com

“Learning How To Iron Plastic Bags Is Simple

Plastic shopping bags seem to materialize out of thin air. After running errands, you typically find yourself with a fistful or two of these useful but annoying items. By fusing layers of plastic bags together, you can create a heavier material that can be used much like fabric. Here’s how to begin:

  • What you’ll need. Before you get started, you’ll need a clothes iron, several sheets of paper (clean baking parchment works best), a pair of scissors and some of those pesky shopping bags.
  • Where to work. Look for a well-lit and ventilated space with a flat work surface. A thick layer of newspaper or magazines will protect your work surface from excess heat.
  • Lay out your plastic. First, cut your plastic bags down the side seams and remove the handle sections to create long, narrow rectangular sheets of plastic. Next, lay down a sheet of paper big enough to cover your plastic sheets. Lay as many sheets of plastic down as you want-more sheets will create a thicker final product. The sheets of plastic should neatly lie on top of each other and should be as smooth as possible.
  • Bring the heat. Lay a second sheet of paper down over the plastic. Set your iron to a medium setting with no steam and allow it to pre-heat for several minutes. Next, run the iron over the entire sheet of paper, using medium pressure and speed. All irons perform differently, so you may need to experiment with the amount of heat, speed and duration required. Carefully flip the stack of paper and plastic over and repeat the iron process on the other side.
  • Magic time! If all went according to plan, the heat of the iron will have fused the thin sheets of paper into a thicker sheet that has the cloth-like texture of Tyvek. Allow the plastic to cool completely before removing the paper. If the sheets haven’t fused, put your stack back together and apply heat again.
  • Now what? Your fused plastic sheet can be treated just like cloth: cut it, glue it or sew it. You can make wallets, handbags even dresses and jackets! If you plan to use a sewing machine, lower the thread tension for best results.
  • Plastic fusion. If you want to join sections without glue or thread, a soldering iron or wood-burning tool with a wide tip can be used to fuse plastic sheets together. Make sure to use a layer of paper between the plastic and heated tip of your tool.


The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Today is the day!  The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an attempt to break the world record for most cloth diapers changed at one time!  I had all intentions of heading out to my local site for this event, but sadly I have other work to do.  But with this event happening, I think it’s about time to talk about the benefits of using cloth diapers.

1. Cost
The average family spends over $2500 to diaper their babies with disposables.  This equates to over 7,000 single use diapers.  Comparatively the cost of cloth diapers vary, but are no where near those costs.  For instance you could by kissaluv 0s for your newborn and then move up to Bumgenius one-size until potty training.  This would equate to less than $200 for the newborn diapers and then  $450.  This is for 12 newborn sized and then 24 one sized.  That is MORE than enough diapers, and those are also the prices of buying these diapers new.  Other alternatives are buying prefolds and covers which mean cloth diapering your little one, with new diapers, until potty trained for less than $200.  Did I mention that cloth diapers have a great resale value?  If you went with the bumgenius mix above you could resell them when done and make back well over half of what you paid.  Alternatively you can start out buying used and save a great deal.  As of now between what friends have *given* me and the diapers I’ve bought I’ve spent about $60 and have enough diapers to cloth diaper my little one almost until he potty trains.  No matter what, if you’re using cloth you’re most likely saving money…a LOT of money.  Some argue the cost effectiveness when factoring in the water and heat.  As a mom who has cloth diapered three children, and has also paid for disposables from time to time whenever they were needed.  Cloth is still cheaper.  WAY CHEAPER.

2. Less diaper rash.  
Cloth is far more breathable than disposable diapers!

3. Sodium Polyacralate – GROSS!  
Your baby won’t have to have their sensitive bits around the little gel balls that tend to get stuck to them (and cause rashes) when using disposables.

4. Eco-Friendly.
Did you know that there approximately 10,000 tons of disposable diapers are added to landfills every single day?  You don’t want to have to be adding to that, how terrible is that for our mother Earth!?

5. Ease.  
Cloth is just as easy to use as a disposable especially if you get a few with velcro…dads seem to do better with velcro since it’s so ridiculous similar to a disposable.  Only difference?  Throw that sucker in a bin instead of the trash.  Easy freaking peasy.

6. Another help to mother earth : Lower your carbon footprint!
Manufacturing of disposable diapers takes over 1 million metric tons of wood pulp and 75,000+ metric tons of plastic each year.  WHAT?!  That’s ridiculous!

7. Using cloth diapers vs using disposable diapers will reduce your babies chances of getting asthma. The Archives of Environmental Health tested 6 leading cloth diapers and 6 leading disposable diapers and discovered that the emissions from one disposable diaper were high enough to produce asthma-like symptoms in mice. (via The Archives of Environmental Health, Acute Respiratory Effects of Diaper Emissions, Archives of Environmental Health, 54, October 1999)

8. Faster potty training.
Children who have been in cloth recognize quicker that they are wet vs. a baby in disposables which makes for easier and faster potty training.  Man, this alone should make you want to use cloth haha.

9. No more last minute trips!
“Oh no we only have one disposable left, and it’s midnight…time to brave going out!”  Screw that.  Stay at home, throw some in a quick wash.  Save your gas for more important things (like driving your crying baby around to get her to sleep).

10. They’re just cuter.
I admit it, this is my biggest reason for doing it.  They just look cuter.  It’s also way more socially acceptable to take your kid out in a t-shirt and cloth diaper than a t-shirt and disposable.  The former matches and looks cute, the later well…looks lazy.  Don’t ask me why, just how it is.

And there you have it.
10 reasons for using cloth.
There are a lot more, but that will hold you over until next time! 

Friday Funnies!


On My Way!

So this blog isn’t just for informing people about different things I think are awesome or that I’ve tried, I also really want people to know what’s going on in my life so I wanted to share my most recent news.

I am officially enrolled in Birth Arts International to get my birth doula certification!  I’ve been doing reading for a while and had originally planned to go through Childbirth International, but I just couldn’t afford it yet.  However, thanks to my friend Alyssa asking about it for me I was approved for a scholarship to attend BAI!  She also helped me cover the remaining fee, I’m very blessed to have such amazing friends who believe in me and support me.  I also want to take a second to thank my husband for also being such a huge support in my life.  I love you honey!