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Why I Breastfeed: The short sweet truth.


There are many reasons to breastfeed.  Health benefits being number one.  While I do breastfeed because I feel it’s what’s best health-wise for my little ones and I also feel it’s what nature intended…if I didn’t have that mindset I would still breastfeed.  My reasoning is short, sweet, and to the point:

1. It’s cheap.
The average family spends approximately $100-130 per month on formula, and that’s going with store brand.  Sure, you can get some help from WIC but they make it clear in all their paperwork that the amount of formula they provide you with is not equal to how much you should be using each month.  They provide you with the majority, but you will still need to buy approximately 3 cans each month.  I’m cheap, screw that.  Breastfeeding is free.  Yes, you can go buy pumps and fancy nursing gear and rack up some hefty receipts, but those things aren’t usually necessary.  When they are, there are resources to help.  I got my pump free from WIC and it is mine to keep even when I stop nursing my youngest.  I got lanolin with a giftcard I got from our baby shower, same with some cold pads to help my girls through some rough times with bad latch.  And while nursing bras and all that are nice, they aren’t completely necessary.  If you really want them, you can get them pretty cheap.  Will they be the prettiest things ever?  HAHAHA no.  Mine aren’t, but they get the job done and I got them for seven bucks each.

2. I’m lazy.
People can say all day long that it’s “easier” to give formula, but I’ve been there and that’s a crock.  I had to use formula, after exhausting our donor milk outlet, with my second because of major supply issues that I never had with my oldest.  How can someone ever think that bottle feeding is easier?  Here’s how you formula feed in the middle of the night: Wake up completely, get out of bed while baby is screaming and hungry, try to console baby while getting out a bottle and other necessities, spill formula powder on the floor because you can’t do it one-handed with a wiggling crying baby in the other hand, finally get bottle made, deal with baby not wanting to actually eat because now they’re crying so hard they’re having trouble breathing, finally get them fed, lay back down to go to sleep, repeat.  Here’s how you breastfeed in the middle of the night (if you’re like me and bedshare): Sleepily unhook bra, insert boob in mouth, fall asleep, wake up hours later with boob still in mouth, say “screw it” and go back to sleep anyways.  A lot of times I apparently do all of this while completely asleep, I go into auto-drive at night I guess.


So there you have it, two reasons why I breastfeed: It’s cheap and I’m lazy.
If you’re a breastfeeding mom, let’s get some comments going on this blog because I know you’re out there reading.  Share the age(s) of your child(ren) and how long you’ve been breastfeeding or did breastfeed!