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Tips for your No Poo transition.


If you read other blogs about going No Poo you read a lot about the transition period, also called the detox period.  When you stop using commercial shampoos and try this method your hair has to regulate itself.  When you use shampoos some of the nasties mess with your scalp’s natural oil production.  They make your scalp need to produce more oils to compensate.  Whenever you start not using shampoo you aren’t stripping those oils from your hair, but your body is still producing oil as if you are.  The result: a greasy mess.  Not everyone experiences this detox period, but many of us do.  Here are some tips to help you get through the tough times…

1. Use dry shampoo between showers
Since your hair is going to naturally get oily, why not use something to “soak up” the excess?  You can purchase a commercial dry shampoo, but I think that defeats the purpose of going No Poo.  Instead, choose natural alternatives.  For blonde, light red, or light brown hair, use cornstarch.  Start at your roots and comb or brush it through your hair.  For medium brown or dark red hair, a mixture of cornstarch and unsweetened cocoa powder will do the trick.  And, obviously, for dark brown or black hair just use cocoa powder by itself.
2. Blow dry your hair
I usually try and let my hair air dry, but I’ve realized that using a blow dryer can really reduce the oil you see in your hair.  Pair this with tip #1 and you should be golden .
3. Use less ACV
The ACV/Water mixture is to help add shine and condition your hair.  You don’t need to use as much during detox because it’s already going to be all shiny…just from too much darn oil!  The last thing you need is shine on top of shine on top of shine.  Reduce the amount of ACV you use, or cut it out altogether during that time if you wish.
4. Drink more water
Is this going to help?  Hell if I know, but drinking enough water seems to help with just about every other health condition, so I figured I’d throw it in for funsies.
5. Chant, “It’s just temporary” over and over
Just remember, this is a temporary thing, and in the end your hair will thank you for it!
During my detox period I used the first two and that was all I needed to notice a difference.  In fact sometimes when I wake up if I’m in a rush and I see that my hair is a bit oily, I still use cocoa powder.  Here’s my warning: it can be messy.  I’m sure there’s some kind of stress free technique, but I haven’t found it.  The easiest one I’ve found to reduce the mess is draping a towel across my shoulders and using a small brush to dip in the cocoa powder and then apply to my hair.  Once it’s in there (it will be visible) just brush it through and things will work out.  Another perk?  When you go to wash your hair in the shower it will fill with an amazing chocolaty scent :).

Until next time folks!